Thursday, June 30, 2011

Friendly notice

We are currently searching for new ELS Excos, 

whoever interested, please attend yourself 

at 9pm, U010 tonight 

for an interview

Thank you!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Come and join us for the new semester's Annual Grand Meeting!

Date : 22nd June 2011

Venue : SL007

Time : 8.30PM - 11.00PM

We have games, trivia quizzes and performances! You guys would be delighted by the tidbits too so do come and join in the fun!

Activity stamp/cop would be provided.


Friday, June 10, 2011

UniFest UiTM Johor!

We have finally graced you with an update after all these months on hiatus! 

New faces, new make over (still in progress) and we are thrilled to have new members joining us. Forgive us if this event tend to get chaotic and out of hand as for your information, the recent UniFest made a new record for our society. We hit a new number of registered students to enroll in our club! 

To those of you who are not familiar with 'UniFest', the festival is basically a new approach to clubs in UiTM Johor organized by the student council. Each of the clubs are granted a booth and it will be up to us to decorate it with our creativity in order to attract new members. This is the first event done such by our Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Annual General Meeting

Date : 2 February 2009

Time : 8.30pm-11.00pm

Venue : USPP


1. Welcoming speech by the ELS president, Adzrin Nadzirah binti Nasir Khan.

2. The society was launched by Mr. James Kuna.

3. The board members were introduced one by one using a visual aid.

4. The activities planned for the Dec 2009- Apr 2010 semester is well explained.

a) Impromptu speech

b) Sketch competition

c) Movies screening

d) Fund raising sale

e) Talent night

5. The guests were escorted for a quick meal

6. There were games participated by all of the members.

a) Scrabble

b) Poisonous Cube

c) Charades

7. The meeting ends with a special performance by the excos.

Board Members

President - Adzrin Nadzirah Nasir Khan DIIA/04

Vice President - Muhammad Azfar Bin Abdul Rahim DBST/03

Secretary - Siti Nur Azureen Bt Zulkifli DBST/03

Vice Secretary - Hairi Hadi B. Mustafa Kamal DBST/02

Treasurer - Ainaa Abdullah DIIA/04

Exco :

Special Task

- Raswandi B. Rahimi DIB/04
- Noor Faizie Bt Azli DBS/03


- Nurul Zarinie Bt Mohd Zaki DIIA/02
- Radzi B. Mohd Shaharuddin DIIA/02

- Mohamad Adam Bin Mohamad Lotfy DIIA/02

- Ahmad Ashraf Abd Rashid DCS/02

- Muhammad Naguib Bin Khaidzir DIIA/02
- Khalis B. Johan DIB/02

- Nur Raihani Bt Amerudin DIIM/02


- Fara Wahida Bt Camallil DIB/04
- Nurasyidah Binti Jaafar DIIA/02